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Multicultural Ministries

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Immigrant and ethnic people groups are on the cutting edge of growth in Nazarene churches across the USA/Canada Region. Urban churches are especially impacted by the challenge of ministering to these groups. In an effort to meet this challenge, Multicultural Ministries works to train leaders and develop strategies for making Christlike disciples among various cultures. These leaders are assembled into Strategic Readiness Teams, each guided by an Ethnic Facilitator. To see which specific groups have ministries in the Church of the Nazarene and to access their resources click here.


Starting a New Multicultural Ministry?

If you are interested in resources for a multicultural congregation or starting a new multicultural ministry, you can contact the Multicultural Ministries office at for more information.


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Click here for information about our national and regional conferences and training events.

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Learn about Multicultural Ministry educational programs and scholarship opportunities for Nazarene ethnic students.

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Educational Partnerships

Connect with Nazarene Immigrant Network for assistance, education, and training on immigration issues in your area.


Nazarene Immigrant Network


The Multicultural Ministries E-Newsletter is now located within the USA/Canada newsletter called “The Hub”. For more information regarding Multicultural Ministries, look for our section on The Hub! To subscribe to the Hub, you may email