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We want to help equip you in the Blessing Our Community Initiative. One of those ways is through strategic partnerships. Feel free to learn more about these partnerships below!


Through this exciting exclusive collaboration, we want to help you bless your community for Christ and assist in the growth of your church reach. Your ministry goals are our goals, and making Jesus known is the priority!

Nazarenes for Creation Care

In partnership with Nazarenes for Creation Care, listed here are some suggestions to help mobilize your congregation toward blessing your community.

Campus Alliance is sponsored by the Campus Alliance, a partnership of organizations, churches, students and youth leaders that share the mission of reaching out to high school and middle school students in their communities. At the core of the Alliance is a heart to share the good news of Jesus Christ bringing hope to every student by encouraging local churches to adopt a school in their community for a ministry of prayer, care, and share. We want to help you get started in praying for your school, serving well, and reaching out to students.

Campus Mission

Campus Mission as a USA/Canada NYI initiative exists to network and equip districts, local churches, pastors, or individuals to engage with college and university campuses in such a way that college students are transformed by the Gospel and, in turn, transform the world around them. Find out more at learn how to connect with Nazarene Campus Mission Coordinator, Chris Bean.

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries

Local churches are the primary avenue for Nazarenes to reach out to those in their communities. Nazarene Compassionate Ministries seeks to support churches in starting and maintaining ministry to the under-served and marginalized. We believe every church, no matter size or budget, can find ways to meet needs in their community with compassion, creativity, and the life-changing power of the Gospel.