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Parish Wellness

Parish nursing is not a new ministry model, but it is rather new to a vast majority of Nazarene congregations. Parish nursing can be an integral part of congregational care and often reaches out to the local community—an extension ministry of the local church. Also, there is a real need to address clergy health, which would include exercise, diet, emotional health triggers, etc. Parish nurses can serve as support staff to the pastor as well as his/her advocate for personal health.

Parish Nursing FAQs

How did Parish Nursing originate?
Parish Nursing was begun in 1984 by Dr. Granger Westberg. Westberg observed that by overlooking the relationship between spiritual well-being and physical health, patients were deprived of full-patient care. Westberg invited nurses to serve as a bridge between the faith community and the medical community. The parish nurse might best be described as a community-based nurse whose population is the local congregation.

What is the mission of Parish Nursing?
The mission of parish nursing is the intentional integration of the practice of faith with the practice of nursing so people can achieve wholeness in, with, and through the community of faith in which nurses serve.

Where do I start?
Contact the Coordinator of Nazarene Parish Nursing Board:

Charlotte Evans, MN, BSN, RN, FCN
Phone: 336-549-8814 
305 Grand Oaks Dr.
Gibsonville, NC

The Right Road: Life Choices for Clergy, by Gwen Wagstrom Halaas, M.D. (Fortress Press, 2004).