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Our Mission Statement

The USA/Canada Region consists of more than 650,000 members in over 5,000 local churches on 80 districts. Together we equip pastors, evangelists, chaplains, educators, counselors, and lay and staff ministry leadership. We seek to empower missional strategies, such as multicultural, urban, and compassionate ministries in Making Christlike Disciples through five strategic priorities: Intentional Leadership Development, Vibrant Church Renewal, Clear and Coherent Theological Identity, Passionate Missional Outreach and Multi-faceted New Church Development.


Five Strategic Priorities for the USA/Canada Regional Office

  1. Intentional Leadership Development - Recognize, develop, train, and release passionate leaders with a Wesleyan-Arminian focus.
  2. Vibrant Church Renewal - Help each local church discover new missional life.
  3. Clear and Coherent Theological Identity - Facilitate communication and collaboration between the Global Ministry Center, educational regions, educational institutions, ministers and laity through print, electronic media, civil conversation, and clear preaching.
  4. Passionate Missional Outreach - Release and encourage our people to embrace with open arms and hearts both the needy and the new people groups among us.
  5. Multifaceted New Church Development - Foster an environment and enthusiasm for starting new churches through districts and local churches.


The Church of the Nazarene is both a Great Commission and a holiness church, transforming the world by making Christ-like disciples and spreading scriptural holiness to all nations by:


Equipping ministry specialists:

Including pastors, evangelists, chaplains, educators, counselors, lay leadership, and staff ministry leadership positions; 


Empowering missional strategies: 

Including multicultural, urban, and compassionate ministries; and 


Encouraging ongoing evangelism: 

Including resourcing new and sponsoring congregations about effective local ministries, and equipping for evangelism in Nazarene churches.


Denominational Mission Statement:

Making Christ-like Disciples in the Nations.