Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International seeks to prepare children, youth, and adults for a lifetime of Christian holiness. With the Sunday School as the foundation, Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International also include additional Sunday, weekday, and annual opportunities for Christian education and discipleship. Children’s caravan, small group Bible studies, and nursing home ministries are just a few of the many opportunities to build the church community through education, accountability, and fostering Christian growth in students.

One way to measure the progress and effectiveness of these ministries is through regular attendance reporting. The success of a Sunday School ministry is not measured solely by statistics and attendance. However, our ministries benefit from keeping accurate attendance and enrollment records. Regular reporting of these records keeps each level of the church (general, district, local, and even each class) accountable to fulfill their responsibility to enrollees.

Attendance Ministry Guidelines
This document is to be used by local churches for making statistics a student-centered attendance ministry.

Online Statistical Reports
View current and archived SDMI statistical reports (click on statistics to enlarge).

Reporting Guidelines Sunday School and Discipleship Ministries International Attendance
SDMI Attendance represents the number of persons being ministered to by the local church through the regular Sunday School session and other extended (outreach) ministries. Local churches are encouraged to use these guidelines to determine whether a small group should be classified as part of the Regular Sunday School Session or as an Extended (Outreach) Ministry. These guidelines also address which figures should be reported each month.

Responsibility List
Each local church should assume responsibility for reaching all persons in the community who are not actively involved in another local church. The responsibility list is a tool by which the church maintains contact with those who attend Sunday School and outreach activities, and those who are prospects.

Morning Worship Attendance
These guidelines are useful for churches with multiple morning worship services and services at non-traditional times.

District Reporting Procedures
These guidelines provide an overview of the district statistician’s responsibility for reporting the district SDMI report to the general SDMI office.

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