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Through PrimeTime Ministries, the Church of the Nazarene is responding to the large and growing group of mature adults within the churches and communities we serve. Mature adults are vitally important to our church. Within this group can be found “spiritual scholars” who have valuable resources which are vital to the health and growth of our local church ministries. Among these resources are wisdom, experience, traditions, stability, spiritual maturity, and love for their church and church family. New levels of longevity, health, and vitality—as well as discretionary resources and time—are also found.

The Church of the Nazarene recognizes the tremendous contribution mature adults have already made during their lifetimes for the sake of the local program. Further, PrimeTime Ministries emphasizes the great ministry potential that still resides with this group. Our ministry is not only focused on ministry to mature adults, but ministry through and with them as well. It is certainly true, among mature adults as much as it is among other adult groups, that adulthood is a journey, not a destination.



Intergenerational Ministry

When Joshua was 85 years old he was still looking toward the future by driving out the enemy and taking the land God had promised. At that age he had not given up the fight. Twenty-first-century grandparents need to be looking toward the future as well. We are in a spiritual battle for the bodies and souls of our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

Our world needs grandparents and senior adults who model godly characteristics, demonstrate virtuous living, and mentor those coming after them in the Christian faith.

  • Model faith. Fortunate is the grandchild who hears of the experience of saving faith from a grandparent who knows Jesus as Savior. Look for opportunities to nurture your grandchild’s natural curiosity about God. Talk about the Creator on walks and outings. Read or tell Bible stories together. Sing praise choruses. Share how God has and is working in your life.
  • Model love. No one can ever hear the words “I love you” too much. Say it. Write it. Wrap it. Show it. Give it. Communicate, “I love you!” in every way you can think of not only to your grandchildren but to their parents also.
  • Model hope. Our world is short on hope. Christian grandparents understand the need for hope. Many have lived through a World War, the Korean conflict, the Cold War, Vietnam, the Gulf War, and the War on Terror. These grandparents know their hope is not in politics, stock markets, or worldview philosophies. Their hope is based on Jesus Christ. Christian grandparents can assure grandchildren that no matter what is happening around them, they can have the confidence that comes from knowing the Anchor of Life.
  • Model holy living. Christian grandparents have the responsibility of living their lives by the sanctifying power of the Holy Spirit. Grandparents in the Wesleyan tradition understand that we, as a church and as individuals, need that power for holy living. This sanctifying power cleanses our heart, sets us apart, creates a Christlike character, and liberates us to a lifestyle that honors God.



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