Nazarene Disaster Response

Nazarene Disaster Response is Nazarenes mobilizing for disaster through Readiness, Response, and Recovery.

Our vision is that Nazarenes would be empowered to respond in practical and tangible ways to their community in any instance of disaster.


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Nazarene Disaster Response

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What is NDR?
What does NDR do?
Where has NDR helped in the past?
Does NDR accept volunteers?
How do I volunteer?
Can my church get involved in NDR?
How can I request help if I am a victim?
What are Crisis-Care-Kits?
How do I request a shipment of CCKs or School Pal-Paks?
How is money I donate to NDR used?
Are NDR donations 10% giving specials?
What can I donate besides money?

1. What is NDR?

Nazarene Disaster Response (NDR) is Nazarenes mobilizing for disaster through Readiness, Response, and Recovery. It is a ministry of the Church of the Nazarene, an organizational network of local churches and volunteers that team together to respond to disasters. It falls under the jurisdiction of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries USA/Canada department.

2. What does NDR do?

Unlike other, large disaster response agencies (FEMA, the Red Cross), NDR cannot muster an army of paid responders or buy helicopters to fly in and rescue victims. We rely on our churches, and our only goal is to enable them—with training, leadership, relationships, and logistics—to serve each other and the world.

3. Where has NDR helped out in the past?

Places where NDR has responded to disaster in the United States

4. Does NDR accept volunteers?

Yes; NDR is supported entirely by volunteers. The work done on-the-ground is done by trained and un-trained NDR volunteers who help make disaster zones safe and livable, and minister to victims.

5. How do I volunteer?

You can volunteer by responding in your local community to a natural disaster; by preparing your church for disaster readiness and response; by joining an NDR project as a volunteer, or by receiving training and becoming a Rapid Responder. See the volunteer page. is a volunteer database that was developed in part to match up volunteers with NDR projects. Registering on the site is the best way to begin the volunteer process. You can also search for current projects.

6. Can my church get involved in NDR?

Churches can create plans to prepare themselves for disasters and organize teams or encourage parishioners to sign up as NDR volunteers. If there is a nearby disaster, churches can reach out to victims. Churches can also host outside volunteers. 

7. How can I request help from NDR if I am the victim of a disaster?

Call the NCM USA/Canada office (1-800-306-9950). We will do our best to put you in contact with the appropriate local entity.

8. What are Crisis Care Kits and how do I make them?

Crisis Care Kits (CCKs) are hygiene and other care products in a zip-lock bag that can be easily distributed in a disaster area. They are put together by Nazarene churches in the USA and Canada and shipped to regional warehouses, to be distributed worldwide (earthquake in Haiti, floods in Indiana, Hurricane Katrina, etc). We have a page with instructions on putting together CCKs.

9. I want a request a shipment of CCKs or School Pal-Paks. How do I do it?

Please email or call 1800-306-9950.

10. How is money I donate to NDR used to help victims of disaster?

Money is sent to a central account, and is disbursed by request to churches or districts affected by disaster. Although NDR exists to serve all people (not just Nazarenes), only Nazarene entities are given funds for disaster response and rehabilitation.

11. Do donations to NDR count as 10% mission special giving?

Yes they do. To learn about 10% Specials, visit Stewardship Ministries Page.

12. What can I donate besides money?

Donate Crisis Care Kits, School Pal Paks, or other physical items in consultation with NDR. We also value the time you donate as a volunteer.

Contact Information

Nazarene Compassionate Ministries USA/Canada Regional Office



Church of the Nazarene

USA/Canada Region

17001 Prairie Star Parkway

Lenexa, KS 66220

Phone: 913.577.2830

Toll-free: 800.306.9948
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