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Kids Reaching Kids Introduces RAIN, the 2018-2019 Mission Offering Project



The 2018-2019 KRK Mission Offering, RAIN: Let God’s Word Fall Like Rain, will support the translation ministry effort for children. Money raised through RAIN will be used to develop and translate children’s evangelical, educational, and discipleship materials into a number of languages.

The Bible basis for RAIN comes from Deuteronomy 32:2. “Let my teaching fall like rain (education). Let my words come down like dew (translation). Let them be like raindrops on new grass (evangelism). Let me be like rain on tender plants (discipleship).” Just as the dry, parched desert needs the life-giving rain that falls from the clouds, so too do children everywhere need God’s Word in their own language to fall on them like RAIN.






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KRK MOP Children's Sheet (English)

Offering Project Form (English)

KRK MOP Leader Sheet (English)

KRK MOP Poster (English)

KRK MOP PowerPoint (English)


KRK MOP Children's Sheet (Spanish)

KRK MOP Leader Sheet (Spanish)

Offering Project Form (Spanish)

KRK MOP Poster (Spanish)

KRK MOP PowerPoint (Spanish)

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Ministries Supported Through KRK

Former MOPsa


The Kids Reaching Kids Reaching Kids has distributed over $900,000 in the past four years to ministries supporting children on all six world regions of the Church of the Nazarene.

Kids Mission Offering Project has helped to meet the holistic needs of children around the world. Some recent offerings that reflect this holistic approach include:

Physical (Compassionate) 2017 - For Our King: For Refugee and Immigrant Children Caught in the Middle

Mental (Educational) 2016 - Power: Unlocking the Power of God's Word

Physical (Compassionate) 2015 - In His Name - For Children with Special Needs

Spiritual 2014 — Listen, Learn, & Let it Out

Social (Discipleship) 2012-2013—The Ultimate Adventure: Prayer, the Word, Discipleship.

Physically (Compassionate) 2011-2012—His Hands: Jesus, Miracles, Medicine and Me.

Mental (Educational) 2010-2011—Mission STAR Quest—Supplying Totally Awesome Resources to Christian Schools and Child Development Centers.

Physical (Compassionate) 2009-2010 The Hope Project – Showing the Depths of Jesus’ Love to Street Kids, provided funds to help meet many of the basic needs of children on the streets of our cities.