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In September 2018, pastors and laity gathered for LC18, a conference for Sunday School and Discipleship Ministry leaders on the USA/Canada Region. The purpose was to resource District SDMI Chairs, District Superintendents, and district directors of children, youth, adult, CLT, as well as local Sunday School and small group ministry leaders and workers.


                 Plenary Sessions


                    One Team

Rev. LaMorris Crawford, chaplain for the Cincinnati Bengals, talks about his experiences working with others. He challenges all of us to live out our faith as a team for the benefit of building the kingdom of God.



                 One Mission

USA/Canada director of Evangelism and New Churches, Rev. Mark Bane, offers practical ways to share the gospel of Jesus Christ, using illustrations from his church plant in the urban core.



                     The Molten Moment

In this powerful video, Rev. Daryl Blank tells impactful stories that encourage us to use everyday moments to significantly shape the lives of others.



                   One Passion

Dr. Filmao Chambo reflects on his formative years as a child in Africa and explains how the power of the holiness message has shaped his life.




A Theology of Salvation in Children by Kyle Tyler 

Camping Ministry: Building a Successful Team and Plan by Courtney Combs

How Can We Teach The Bible? by Roger Hahn

Recruiting the Right Volunteers to Lead Your Kids by Kim Bobb

Researching Your Community & Your Church by Rich Houseal

Tell THE Story Candice Brooks

Women's Ministry: Discover Its Significance by Kaylyn Vogelmann

*Download these videos from the Church of the Nazarene on Vimeo.

**Some of the workshops were not recorded. The workshops above are all on our SoundCloud playlist.

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As an Army chaplain you will have the responsibility of caring for the spiritual well-being of Soldiers and their Families. An Army chaplain's parish can consist of over 1,500 people. For this reason, the Army chaplain is crucial to the success of the Army's mission. Exercising leadership in things that are spiritual requires a special person with a unique calling.

The Army Chaplaincy is a religiously diverse population reflecting the diversity of the Army, yet each chaplain must minister in accordance to the guidelines of their distinct faith group. Army Chaplains oversee the spiritual care of their assigned units wherever they may train or deploy. They also assist with the congregational care of their assigned posts by performing religious ceremonies, rituals, and rites in accordance to their respective faiths.

Unlike most officers in the Army, a chaplain begins serving as a staff officer immediately. As a member of the commander's special staff, the chaplain is responsible for providing advice in matters pertaining to religion, morals, and morale. The chaplain serves the Army with a chaplain assistant (56M) as part of a Unit Ministry Team (UMT). As a non-combatant, chaplains do not possess a weapon. The chaplain assistant provides security for the UMT and assists with the administrative aspects of the UMT's ministry. Fully trained in the technical arena of religious support and Soldier-specific tasks, chaplain assistants are an integral part of the UMT's ministry and mission.

Chaplains do not go through regular Basic Training. Instead, they attend the Chaplain Basic Officer Leadership Course (CHBOLC), which is a 12 week course taught at Fort Jackson, S.C. This course provides an introduction to Chaplain common core skills, Army writing, and Chaplaincy specific training. 

Other roles and responsibilities common to the chaplaincy:

  • Overseeing a full program of religious ministries, including: workshops, counseling sessions, religious education and special events.

  • Officiating at official ceremonies such as military functions, funerals, and memorials.

  • Providing Ministry to a variety of armed service personnel and civilians from the US, foreign nations, and governmental agencies.

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 More than 3000 people attended the M19 conference for days of challenge, inspiration, and blessing . . . and walked away with a new passion for serving the Lord and sharing the Good News with others!

For photos from the event, see our Facebook page at  Videos of the plenaries are now available at


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