GROW - God Re-Shaping Our Ways

"Come, follow me!" With these words, Jesus invited the first disciples on a journey of transformation. Revolutionizing their conception of God, prayer, religion, and spirituality, Jesus led this motley group on a three-year crash course in living. He then instructed them to "disciple others." This training of disciples, now called discipleship, is the next step after conversion in the forming of a Biblical Christian.

We have developed G.R.O.W. (God Reshaping Our Ways) Curriculum as an aid to this discipleship process.

Introduction - Getting Started

Lesson 1:   Understanding the Bible (And You Don't Need a Ph.D.)
Lesson 2:   The Prayer Connection: Divine Communication
Lesson 3:   Community and Comfort in God's Family
Lesson 4:   Sharing Your Faith Without Losing Your Friends
Lesson 5:   Free From Sin and Excited About Life
Lesson 6:   Living in the Spirit's Power and Enjoying God's Presence
Lesson 7:   Discovering God's Will Without Losing Yours
Lesson 8:   Succeeding in Life Without Losing Your Soul
Lesson 9:   Learning to Imitate God
Lesson 10: Finding Freedom and Fulfillment in Your Christian Walk
Lesson 11: Acquiring Confidence without Becoming Arrogant
Lesson 12: Harnessing Criticism to Refine Not Destroy Us
Lesson 13: Conversion: A Continual Relationship, Not Just Another Spiritual Experience

Exploring Faith Bible Study Series

Created with the new or non-believer in mind, these simple, straightforward studies on important passages in the Bible, can help you to help others say "Yes!" to God. Each study can stand alone, used for a one-time event, or you can use all or some of these studies in succession. The purpose of these lessons is to address the contemporary needs in people's lives. To do this the Good News message of Jesus Christ is related to everyday questions, fears and hurts.

Introduction to the Exploring Faith study

Lesson 1:   Created in God's Image - Genesis 1:26-27; 2:7
Lesson 2:   Who Are Your Giants? - 1 Samuel 17:4-14, 32-37, 45-50
Lesson 3:   Understanding the Plan - Jeremiah 29:11-14a
Lesson 4:   God Came to You - Luke 2:1-14
Lesson 5:   God Wants to Work a Miracle in You - John 2:1-11
Lesson 6:   Who Calms Your Storms? - Mark 4:35-41
Lesson 7:   Rest for the Weary - Matthew 11:28-30
Lesson 8:   Are You Worried? - Luke 12:22-34
Lesson 9:   The Love of God - Luke 15:11-24
Lesson 10:  It's Not About Being Perfect - Luke 18:9-14


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