What are my responsibilities as a group leader? How much time will the preparations require?

It will take about an hour’s preparation for each week. Here are some responsibilities of the leader. (More details are in the Leader’s Guide.)

  • Pray for God’s direction as you prepare for the session. Pray that the participants will be open to hearing God’s truth and ready to apply it to their lives.
  • Read the Background Material and the Discussion Outlines for an overview of the study.
  • Draw from your experiences and reading to supplement the suggestions in the Leaders’ Guide.
  • Adapt the information to fit your setting.
  • Work through the Discussion Outlines to familiarize yourself with the content, adjusting the information to fit your group.
  • Record your responses to the questions in the Discussion Outlines.


Does each participant need to have a printed copy of the Discussion Outline?

Since the files are downloadable, it’s possible that some will download the files to their computers. Each person is encouraged to have some means of recording responses. This may be a journal, spiral bound notebook, or a specific computer file.


How long is each session?

The sessions are designed to last one hour. Here are two suggested timelines for group meetings.  

Option One: One session per video

10Watch the Video and So?
40What does the Bible Say?
5-10How Does This Affect My Life?
5-10Now What?


Option Two: Two sessions per video

Session One:

10-15Watch the video and So?
40What Does the Bible Say?
5-10What Now?

Session Two:

10-20Review the Video and Discussion of Life Applications
20-30How Does This Affect My Life?
5-10Now What?


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