The new quadrennial Hispanic Strategy Committee (2013-2017) met during August 26-30.  The focus of the meeting was to receive the training for Church Planting Essentials (CPE) and Certified Trainer (CT) with the Dynamic Church Planting International curriculum.  The committee is comprised of one representative from each university zone plus the three Latin district superintendents as follows: PLNU/Western Latin District, Orlando Serrano; NNU, Julio Ortiz; MNU, Saúl Carranza; MVNU, Joel Jiménez; ONU, Javier Mondragon; SNU, Sam Flores; TNU, Jorge Díaz; ENC, Rigoberto Acosta; Ambrose/CAN, Héctor Del Valle; Southwest Latin District, Alberto Guang; Texas-Oklahoma Latin District, Caleb Herrera; and Roberto Hodgson, Multicultural Ministries Director.  

The committee is moving forward toward the already established goal of the Vision 2020 to establish a total of 1000 Hispanic/Latino congregations by the year 2020. At the present there are more than 500 congregations.  In order to reach the goal of Vision 2020, the committee has developed the following strategic plan:  Offer training on Church Planting Essential (CPE) and Certified Trainer (CT) across regions, districts, district training centers, and during a national conference in 2016.  Establish a network of 50 prayer intercessors. Train 500 church planters (CPE). Train 50 Certified Trainers (CT). Train 15 Master Trainers (MT). Train 5 Senior Trainers (ST).  The committee prayed during the sessions that God would help them to train men and women to mobilize church planters across regions and districts in faithfulness to the mission of the church “To Make Christlike Disciples in the Nations”.

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