Organized Church

Dramatization. Two ladies discuss the "organized church": one airing her grievances with the modern church, the other defending the church as God's instrument on Earth.


Dramatization. Two young men--one a Christian, the other a universalist--discuss whether there is one or many ways to God.

Good Works

Dramatization. Two men are working on a car. One man tries to convince another that it takes more than good works to get into heaven.


Dramatization. A grandmother persuades her daughter that not every belief is "right and true," using the warped religious convictions of the 9/11 terrorists as an example.

Relativismo - Español

Dramatización. Una abuela convence a su hija que no toda creencia es "justo y verdadero", usando las convicciones religiosas retorcidas de los terroristas 9/11 como un ejemplo.

Church of the Nazarene

USA/Canada Region

17001 Prairie Star Parkway

Lenexa, KS 66220

Phone: 913.577.2830

Toll-free: 800.306.9948
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