The Need
Hospitals are microcosms of the larger society. The events of birth and death, and the intermediate crises, are the concentrated events of life itself. In these breakpoints of life the spiritual dimension is crucial. Yet often, those who are hospitalized are either unchurched or geographically removed from their pastors or families. Whether for an occasion of joy or sorrow, hospitalization always involves an element of trauma, for both the patient and their family. Into this situation the hospital chaplain steps as a redemptive agent to bring a link between people in crisis and a loving God.

The Challenge
Healthcare chaplains give pastoral care and a spiritual point of reference to families in crisis. The people to whom the chaplain will give spiritual guidance include the victims of trauma, chronic and terminal illness, and their families, as well as the hospital staff members who deal with these intense situations. The Nazarene healthcare chaplain remains faithful to his/her Wesleyan heritage, but works daily in a non-sectarian and pluralistic environment. In this environment the chaplain is the visible reminder of the Holy and provides spiritual counsel.

The Requirements
Those interested in full-time hospital chaplaincy must complete the full course of study prescribed for their ordination orders. They must be ordained deacons or elders in the Church of the Nazarene, complete four units of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE), and obtain ecclesiastical endorsement from Chaplaincy Services.

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