The Need
It's hard to imagine any place that needs the good news of Jesus Christ more than the prisons, detention centers, jails, and other correctional centers across the country. Largely regarded as the outcasts of society--the unlovable--the residents of these institutions are, above all else, persons whom Christ loved, and for whom He died. Some of these inmates are hurtling toward eternity without hope, unless a chaplain intervenes in the name of Christ.

The Challenge
Correctional chaplains are called to share in Christ's ministry in a way few others can understand. They must bring love and hope to a world of hatred and despair. The chaplain ministers to inmates and families in the roles of pastor, friend, and advocate. He or she must be able to confront in love. Much time is spent counseling individuals adjusting to prison life. The chaplain coordinates weekly Bible studies, seminars, and crusades to help new Christians mature in the faith under adverse circumstances. Another aspect of the challenge is the administrative side of correctional chaplaincy. Besides the day-to-day operations, the chaplain coordinates the groups of citizen volunteers who can minister to all faiths represented in the prison population.

The Requirements
A federal correctional chaplain must be a graduate of an accredited college and seminary and have a minimum of two years of experience in a parish or specialized ministry setting. He or she must be an ordained deacon or elder and must have ecclesiastical endorsement. Candidates applying for state, private, county, or city correctional facilities should call Chaplaincy Services for additional information.

For further information call us at 1-800-233-8962.


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