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Lifestyle Evangelism, Joseph Aldrich
Aldrich, Joseph C. Life-Style Evangelism. Portland: Multnomah, 1981.

Out of the routines of vibrant Christian living comes the God appointed opportunities to witness.  Individuals and congregations are encouraged to place God at the center of their lives and to evangelize out of that relationship.
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Biblical Perspectives on Evangelism, Walter Brueggemann
Brueggemann, Walter. Biblical Perspectives on Evangelism: Living in a Three-Storied Universe. Nashville: Abingdon, 1993.  
An Old Testament scholar explains with freshness how scriptures speak evangelistically to our culture.
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Reaching Generation Next, Lewis Drummond
Drummond, Lewis. Reaching Generation Next. Grand Rapids: Baker, 2002.
The postmodern generation requires understanding and a unique appeal if the Church is to effectively reach those young adults.  Drummond recognizes the high value God placed on His Church at the same time postmoderns treat the organized church with contempt or suspicion.
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Evangelism Through the Local Church, Michael Green
Green, Michael. Evangelism through the Local Church. Nashville: Thomas Nelson Publishers, 1992.
A classic and comprehensive textbook on evangelism.  J. I. Packer writes, "Here is down-to-earth, tested wisdom, set forth with mature expertise and British brilliance, on the strategically vital theme of turning every Christian congregation into an active evangelistic unit."
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Just Walk Across the Room, Bill Hybels
Hybels, Bill. Just Walk across the Room. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2006.
An inspirational read that encourages Christians to take the initiative in spiritual conversation.
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Church for the Unchurched, George Hunter III
Hunter, George III. Church for the Unchurched. Nashville: Abingdon, 1996.
The Church can again experience an apostolic renewal and reach the lost.  Hunter unites research, the culture and the Church to welcome the outsider inside.
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 How to Reach Secular People, George G. Hunter III
Hunter, George III. How to Reach Secular People. Nashville: Abingdon, 1992.
Hunter describes secular people and then defines apostolic congregations.  He tells us how churches may reach the secular person. He defines effectiveness in terms of lost people uniting with God and His people.
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speaking of god, Ben Campbell Johnson
Johnson, Ben Campbell. Speaking of God. Louisville: Westminster/John Knox Press, 1991.
This professor of evangelism turned professor of spiritual formation sees evangelism as "initial spiritual guidance."  He wisely directs people to incorporate evangelism into a way of life.  He lays a theological foundation at the same time he identifies ways to counsel seekers for God.
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 The Evangelistic Love of God and Neighbor, Scott J. Jones
Jones, Scott J. The Evangelistic Love of God & Neighbor. Nashville: Abingdon, 2003.
A Wesleyan scholar and Methodist bishop provides a thoughtful theology upon which to base the full ministry of evangelism through deed, word and sign.
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 More Ready than You Realize, Brian McLaren
McLaren, Brian D. More Ready than You Realize. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2002.
McLaren, before he was regarded with skepticism in some circles, gives an example of how the postmodern comes to faith in God. His ongoing interaction with a postmodern parishioner through email illustrates new possibilities and methods of engaging spiritually hungry.
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 Becoming a Contagious Church, Mark Mittelberg
Mittelberg, Mark. Becoming a Contagious Church. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2007.
Congregational evangelism as a contagious method of witnessing unites the body of Christ with human longings for God.  This commendable resource springs from the Willow Creek influence.
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 Out of the Saltshaker & Into the World, Rebecca Pippert
Pippert, Rebecca. Out of the Saltshaker. Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 1999.
This book, first written in 1979, ignited a flame for relationship evangelism. Pippert's authentic enthusiasm for Jesus and for people who need to know Him is contagious.  Her stories and conversations show a passion and compassion.
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 Evangelism in Everyday Life, Lyle Pointer and Jim Dorsey
Pointer, Lyle and Jim Dorsey. Evangelism in Everyday Life. Kansas City: Beacon Hill Press, 1999.
A professor of evangelism and a pastor provide the church and individuals with effective ways to connect with unsaved people.  A focus on spirituality and spiritual conversations proves helpful in interacting with a pluralistic culture.
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 Surprising Insights from the Unchurched, Thom s. Rainer
Rainer, Thom S. Surprising Insights from the Unchurched. Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2001.
A researched and readable book explaining how unchurched people come to unite with God's people.  Helpful counsel offers congregations hope and direction for future ministry.
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 Evangelism Outside the Box, Rick Richardson
Richardson, Rick. Evangelism Outside the Box. Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 2000.
"Here are fresh perspectives on relying on the Holy Spirit, awakening spiritual interest in others, appealing to what they value and leading them into a transforming experience with God" (book cover).
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 Reimagining Evangelism, Rick Richardson
Richardson, Rick. Reimagining Evangelism. Downers Grove: InterVarsity, 2006.
"This book is fresh, provocative and insightful.  If you've been running from the 'E-word,' let Richardson give you a new vision for what evangelism can look like in your life, and in this culture.  You'll be surprised?and motivated!" ?Mark Mittelberg
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 American Evangelism, Darius Salter
Salter, Darius. American Evangelism. Grand Rapids: Baker, 1996.
This historical study of evangelism in North America is well researched and written.  The analysis of what has happened and why shows scholarly reflection and a heart for the unsaved.
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 Why Should Anyone Believe Anything at All?, James W. Sire
Sire, James W. Why should Anyone Believe Anything at All? Downers Grove: InterVarsity,1994.
Sire, senior editor at InterVarsity Press and campus lecturer, knows the college scene and the questions expressed by university students.  His explanation of truth and how it is discovered shows us how an applied apologetics can connect people to the Gospel.
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 Speaking of Jesus, Mack Stiles
Stiles, J. Mack. Speaking of Jesus. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 1995.
This book teaches the reader how to seize divine opportunities, answer questions with confidence, and tell God's story and ours.
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 Character Witness, Christine Wood
Wood, Christine. Character Witness. Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2003.
The author knows "Our character is our most valuable resource in offering the love of Jesus to others."  Gracious living expresses God's grace of forgiveness to all.
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