Churches long to know better how to reach unchurched and unredeemed people. Sometimes leaders in local congregations wish to have a method to discover where they may better direct their attention, train the people and focus ministry efforts. Here is a list of topics aimed toward improving an outreach strategy with corresponding analytical questions.

* What is God specifically calling you to do?
* What is your current purpose, or vision, statement?
* Do your people know your purpose/vision statement?
* How does that statement reflect what you are doing?
* Does it indicate the what, who, and how of your church's ministries?
* Does it reflect a scriptural, prayerful calling of God?
* Do you evaluate new ministries based on your purpose?

* What are the strengths/weaknesses of your leaders?
* In what ways do your ministry leaders use their time?
* Is this use of time reflective of your purpose/vision?
* Are your leaders focused on maintaining the status quo or do they have a vision for the future?
* How willing are they to make changes?
* Does your leadership team participate in pastoral care?
* What is the morale of your leaders?
* How strong is the prayer life of your leaders?
* Describe the spiritual health of your leaders?
* How many of your ministry leaders have been at the church less than two years?
* What do you do to get new people involved in leadership positions?
* What does a leader in your church look like?

Mission Field:
* Can you describe the "ideal" person you are trying to minister to?
* Describe the demographics within a twenty minute's drive of your church?
* Is your "ideal" person a part of the demographics in your area?
* Are these the people your vision/purpose is trying to reach?
* Are these the type of people you are already reaching?
* Does your church meet the needs of people outside your church?
* Are there new ministries that would meet needs of your community that you have qualified people to operate?

* If the previous answers are incongruent with your purpose/vision, what does that indicate to you?
* How can you revamp/recreate your purpose statement based on the information you now have?

* What are the ministries and functions that your church performs?
* Do these ministries agree with your vision/purpose?
* What are the results of each of these ministries and functions?
* What programs do the best job of meeting your purpose?
* Which of these ministries and functions are not producing results?
* Why are these ministries and functions not producing results (e.g. lack of leadership, interest, relevance,)?
* How might your church benefit by removing some or all of these non-producing ministries from its responsibility list (e.g. increased resources for effective ministries)?
* What needs to be done to get a higher percentage of your regular attendees involved in meaningful ministry?
* Do you have leaders trained and ready to begin new Sunday School classes when they are needed?
* How can you get uninvolved people ministering?

* Is your worship service directed toward evangelism?
* Does your worship service reach the "ideal person" you've identified in your purpose/vision?
* Is your worship service inspiring?
* Does your style of worship attract your "ideal person"?
* Does the music in your service sound familiar to your "ideal person"?
* Is your message relevant to your "ideal person"?
* Are your worship prayers comprehendible by your "ideal person"?
* Is the atmosphere of your services conducive to making people feel comfortable even though they may never have been there before?
* Do you need to begin a new service to attract new people?
* Is Christ preached?
* Is everything done with quality?

* Do you have a clear pathway leading to spiritual maturity?
* How do you approach personal spiritual growth, as a church?
* What needs are you fulfilling for the people of your church?
* How many people in your church are participating in ministries?
* How might more be encouraged and equipped for ministry roles?
* How do you incorporate guests into what you are doing?
* In what ways do you include newcomers in your ministry teams?
* How often do you start new Sunday School classes or small groups?
* Do you encourage those not in a small group to get involved in one?
* How do you get a guest to attend Sunday School?
* What does your church do to get people to commit to the church?
* Do you ask people to join your church?

* How many of your people are involved in some form of evangelism?
* How do you train members for outreach ministry?
* What improvements could be made in your training?
* What are the greatest needs of your community?
* Who in your church is equipped (or could be equipped) to lead ministries to fulfill those needs?
* How well do members welcome guests?
* What percentage of your people invites friends to attend church?
* Why do people invite friends?
* Why don't other people invite friends?
* What would it take to get them to invite guests (e.g. a different style or time of service; type of small group; evangelism training?)
* Is the church schedule so full your people do not have time to be in the world?

--Developed by Aaron Lynn, Mark Massey, Jamie Roach and James Strickland

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