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The book, Shift, developed from a series of summit meetings with pastors of churches that had experienced vibrant renewal. Many of nine churches profiled in the book were under 100 before they experienced renewal.  The following videos describe how Shift got started as well as explain the nine major concepts related to Shift. Watch them or use them in class or discussion sessions. Shift is authored by Daron Brown.

What is vibrant church renewal?

Daron Brown explains what is vibrant church renewal and how it relates to cultural change within a church (1 min., 56 sec.).

How did Shift get started?

Shift is a book that emerged from a series of summit meetings that focused on vibrant church renewal.

Daron Brown describes how the process for Shift got started.

Tony Miller shares his takeaways from his involvement in the vibrant church meetings that lead to the book, Shift (2 min., 12 sec.).


Daron Brown explains the motivations for developing Shift (4 min., 5 sec.).

Daron Brown explains the major sections of Shift and the reasons for developing the project (2 min., 23 sec.).

Daron Brown explains how the missional concepts behind Shift overlap (1 min.).