BABY DAY May 6th, 2018

Celebrating infants, toddlers, & their families



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Have a Baby Parade

Parade Ideas - During the worship service(s), have the parents of each baby in your nursery carry infants or walk with toddlers in a Baby Parade. Add some additional excitement by encouraging toddlers’ parents to bring their children’s favorite riding toys. Infants may be pushed in their strollers. The riding toys and strollers may be decorated with colorful balloons and streamers.

Enhance the Experience - If you have the technical capabilities, consider having the families go one at a time. Display a photo with the baby’s name on the screen (using PowerPoint or some oth- er presentation software). Create a questionnaire for parents to fill out prior to the parade with cute and funny questions to be read as their children pass across the front of the sanctuary.

Present a Gift – At the conclusion of the questionnaire presentation about the infant or toddler, take the opportunity to present each family with a special gift.

Make a Video or PowerPoint Presentation

Utilize digital photos to create a fun video or PowerPoint presentation to feature the babies, their families, and the workers in your nursery. Ideally, the photos will show babies (and adults) laughing, crying, making silly faces, etc. Use kid-friendly worship songs for background music.

Schedule a Baby Dedication or Baptism

If possible, plan a baby dedication or baptism for the worship service on Baby Day. People of all ages love to be part of a dedication or baptism for children. Encourage the senior pastor to in- clude the children’s pas- tor or children’s ministries director in the ceremony. The children’s pastor or children’s director is one of the most influential individuals in the child’s early stages of spiritual development. Including the children’s pastor in the dedication or baptism helps to communicate this to the entire church family.

Host a Dinner

Host a dinner for the nursery families. For centerpieces, fill colorful balloons with helium. Tie to- gether two or three balloons per table and weight the balloons with a small bag of after-dinner mints for the parents.

Plan a Nursery Shower

Prepare a list of items needed for the nursery. Write the names of the needed items on them. Dis- tribute the information to the congregation, or prepare a display where an item to donate may be selected. Have bas- kets placed near the display to collect the donated items.

Pray for Families with Babies

In preparation for Baby Day, hold a prayer service designed for people to pray for families with babies and small children. Direct them to pray for the baby’s future acceptance of Jesus as Savior and right choices for college, employment, and marriage.

On the day you celebrate Baby Day, encourage people in your congregation to “adopt” a family with a ba- by and commit to pray for that family throughout the coming year. Take photos of the babies and their families present at your church on Baby Day. Then, attach each photo to a note card, and print the parents’ and babies’ names on the cards. If the families give permission, in- clude contact information on the card. Let people who participate make a covenant to pray for that family.

Don’t Forget to Honor Your Children’s Workers

Plan to recognize all those within your local congregation who work with children. Children’s work- ers are often the unseen heroes of your church, caring for and discipling the next generation of leaders. Take time to honor these special individuals.




In His Hands
1 Samuel 1:27-28a

A Special Connection
Matthew 18:10

Babies...Transforming the World!
Psalm 22:30-31

Discipleship Begins Here
Mark 2:14b

Tell the Next Generation
Psalm 78:4b



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