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Welcome to Nazarene Black Ministries

Friendship Founders Day 2017 - Memphis, Tennessee


Rev. Charles Tillman, Black Ministries Facilitator

Black Ministries Ethnic Facilitator, Rev. Charles Tillman

The Black  Ministries Facilitator, Rev. Charles Tillman,  is accountable to the Multicultural Ministries USA/Canada regional office and his primary function is to implement the agreed-upon policies and strategies for evangelism and strengthening of existing structures on the various districts of the Church of the Nazarene.

Role and Function
The Facilitator is available to arrange meetings with district superintendents and district leaders to help formulate and implement church planting strategies.
Upon the approval of the district superintendent, visit  churches and pastors who express a desire to sponsor culture specific congregations.
Upon the approval of the district superintendent, visit to culture-specific congregations that express the need for consultation in  leadership development.
Recommend potential pastors for new and existing congregations.
Assist district superintendents, when requested, in the development of strategies for new initiative among specific people groups.
Contact Rev. Charles Tillman for more information about Black Ministries.

 Black Ministries Strategic Readiness Team

Each Facilitator works with a Strategic Readiness Team. Strategic Readiness Teams meet annually to pray, plan and strategize for their perspective ethnic group in the USA/Canada.  The African Ministries Strategic Readiness Team is comprised of African pastors that have been approved by their District Superintendent and the Multicultural Ministries Director.  They are Rev. Charles Tillman, Rev. Barbara Allen, Rev. William Allen, Dr. Roger Bowman, Rev. Lamar Davis, Rev. Robert Hunter, Jr., Dr. Charles Johnson, Dr. Victor Price, Rev. David Solomon, Dr. Samuel Vassel and Rev. Joe Warrington.  Click here for contact information.

Black Ministries Unique Mission

The mission statement for Black Nazarene Ministries is to help the Church of the Nazarene develop strategies for reaching black communities through the starting of new churches and the implementation of inclusive discipleship and culturally-specific leadership training programs. We articulate this mission through what we call Project H.O.P.E., or Helping Our People Evangelize. Members of the Black Mission Team help to create a focus group that is advisory in its capacity, visionary in its strategy, reconciliatory in its mission, and prophetic in its message.

The Black Ministries Strategic Readiness Team shall help districts and local congregations in the following manner:

To provide a voice for African-American and Black members of the Church of the Nazarene.

To strengthen Black churches in the Church of the Nazarene.

To identify potential target areas where new congregations could be started.

To train and nurture leaders of our churches for gospel-inspired service to the Black community.

To provide support for institutions that strengthen our community.

To provide relevant ministry for our youth and young adults.

To empower laity for present-day ministry.

To create denominational and district partnerships for service and evangelism.

To be active advocates for racial justice at home and abroad.

To provide spiritual nurture for our members. To enhance clergy-lay ministry partnerships.


Black Ministries Plan of Action

The strategy committee worked to develop the following objectives:

Identify a monthly day of prayer and fasting for National Black Ministries

Develop a working relationship with district superintendents through the USA/Canada Regional Office

Identify and train 20 new pastors and leaders

Start 20 new churches in 4 years

Identify and recommend emerging Black leaders for placement in leadership positions

Encourage the increase of our students in Nazarene higher education

Continue the NBNC & RCBMI

Present a Black Pastor’s & Leaders Conference


 Black Ministries Ministry Resources

Videos and Audio Recordings

2016 Black Conference Video - Grace and Peace Magazine
2010 Black Conference Video
Vibrant Magazine 2008 NBNC Article
Cornerstone - Recording of the 2006 NBNC in Dallas, Texas
Cornerstone - Recording of the 2008 NBNC in Orlando, Florida
2010 NBNC "Marvelous" sung by the Brooklyn Community Worship Choir
2010 NBNC "Rain on Me" sung by the Brooklyn Community Worship Choir
2010 NBNC "Souled Out" sung by the Brooklyn Community Worship Choir
2010 NBNC - "He Reigns" sung by the KC Blue Hills Choir
2010 NBNC - KC Blue Hills Choir
2010 NBNC - "In Your Favor" sung by the KC Blue Hills Choir


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Leadership Development with Charles Tillman
Remembering Clarence Bowman with Roger Bowman
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What Makes the Great "Great?" orThe Struggle for Recognition by Dr. Roger Bowman
Acts 1 - 5 by Dr. Samuel Vassel at the M3 Conference

Nazarene Black Ministries History

Called to the Fire by Chet Bush
Roots by Stan Ingersol
"History of Blacks in the Church of the Nazarene" compiled by Dr. Oliver Phillips 
Obituary of Warren A. Rogers, Pioneer and First Black District Superintendent in the Church of the Nazarene (scroll down on linked page)
JoeAnn Ballard - West Virginia Bible Institute - 1962 - 1965
There All Along by Brandon Winstead
Color Us Christian by Dr. Roger Bowman
Roger Bowman remembers Clarence Bowman
"So Built We the Walls" by Ora Mae Jackson
When God Calls by Warren L. Maye
"Dr. Charles Johnson Receives MNU's 2014 MLK Living Legacy Award"
Rev. and Mrs. Clarence Bowman Picture
Dr. Hurn and Dr. Roger Bowman
Clarence Bowman - 1963 - Photo

Church of the Nazarene

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Phone: 913.577.2830

Toll-free: 800.306.9948
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